Michael Dean

Michael Dean has been singing and playing music most of his life starting with the family gospel group at a young age singing mostly harmony back up. In 1989 while singing at a party a few mentioned that Michael sounded a lot like Elvis. At the time not being aware there was an Elvis “nation” of entertainers and fans he had a cheap suit made and did a few local shows and won some talent contest.

In the early 90’s Michael began to do more Elvis tribute shows throughout the Southeast and buying every Elvis song he could find to hone the vocal style and sound. It was very important that he be able to properly honor the music and great vocal ability that was the signature of every Elvis song. By study of the music Michael became a really huge fan of the music and the man that made it. During this time Michael learned about the images of Elvis work in Memphis and was a finalist every year that he attended. It was also a great experience to be around all the other entertainers. Michael learned to appreciate the many talents of guys like Doug Church, Eddie Miles and some of the others that were at the top of the craft during that time.

Michael had many opportunities open up during the next few years and played in Branson for a time as well as performed with Percy Sledge, The Platters, The Stamps Quartet and other great entertainers and friends. He travels with his group Memphis that includes three great female vocalists as well as one of the lowest bass singers that was a personal friend of the late great J.D. Sumner. The shows of course include the great music of Elvis in tribute as well as early rock and roll, early and new country and other great music.

Michael puts great energy into every show and makes that evident to all who have attended. He never tires of singing the same great songs over and over and truly treats every show as the first and last putting every bit of himself into each performance. His connection to his audience keeps the dreams and music alive.

As has often been pointed out by Michael he does not consider himself an impersonator but a tribute artist. In Michael’s mind it is a big difference as he considers Elvis truly one of a kind!!!

God Bless!!!

Michael Dean as Elvis

Those who are old enough to remember Elvis Presley will truly enjoy this moving tribute to "The King". Michael Dean goes to great lengths to honor the memory of Mr. Presley by recreating the excitement and stage presence that surrounded this legend of Rock-N-Roll. Even those too young to know about Elvis Presley are sure to enjoy the performance of Michael Dean & Memphis as they perform a "Tribute to Elvis".

Performing before tens of thousands of enthusiastic Elvis fans over the past decade, Michael Dean & Memphis have established themselves as the mark for tribute artists. Unlike some artists, Michael Dean does not lip sync the words to prerecorded sound tracks. When you attend a concert by Michael Dean & Memphis, you are attending a live performance by an artist that truly enjoys paying tribute to one of the greatest performers of all times. In order to honor the memory of Elvis, it is critical to pay attention to detail - detail in the costumes, the movements, the antics, and of course the voice. Michael Dean has dedicated himself to these tasks and has created an unmatched performance that is always a crowd pleaser.

Traveling throughout the country, Michael Dean & Memphis have gathered a following over the years and across the miles. Keeping the show fresh and exciting keeps loyal fans coming back, and gives Michael Dean the opportunity to give his usual 110% during each performance. If you ever had the opportunity to attend an actual Elvis Presley concert, you will truly appreciate the lengths that Michael Dean goes to in order to pay homage to The King of Rock-N-Roll.